Why Q-Co car tracking devices?

Licensed by the Kuwait Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority "CITRA" We provide devices suitable for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural equipment and specialized machinery.

Gps tracker
Gps tracker

Why Q-Co car tracking devices?

The GPS devices are small in size and designed for outdoor use, they are suitable for harsh climatic conditions and can be installed anywhere in the car. They locate the vehicles with high accuracy, and then follow them through the car tracking software for mobile , GPS tracking system for computer where they mark the starting and ending points and the stopping places of the vehicles, locate safety zones and send notifications in case of leaving them or entering prohibited zones that are determined by the system.

Features of Kyoko car tracking devices

Monitoring and evaluating drivers' behavior through the cheapest European-made car tracking device
Monitor and manage fuel level and consumption
Determine speeds and send warnings if they are exceeded using the best car tracking device in Kuwait.
It is dustproof, waterproof and works in extreme conditions
Road monitoring, lane departure warning and lane keeping
Reports on stops, lost time, distances, and speeds, with numerous reports
The car locator can withstand high and low temperatures
Monitoring the temperature of cars with a car monitor from Q-Co, the most reliable car GPS installation company
Multiple sensor options
High quality specifications for safety and security
Determine safety zones and send alerts in case of leaving the permitted zone
The possibility of stopping the car through the GPS vehicle tracking system
The car monitor has a long-lasting, high-quality internal battery

Do not hesitate to protect and monitor your vehicles, moment by moment, and ask about the price of a car tracking device in Kuwait from Q-Co now.