?where is the car tracker located

Vehicle tracking device placement places gps

?where is the car tracker located

A vehicle tracking device is one of the important solutions to follow and protect your car. This device helps you know the location of your car at any time, and can also be used to monitor driver driving behaviour and alert in case of any accidents. But, where should the car tracker be put by car?

Common locations and places for vehicle tracker installation:

1-Under the dashboard: This site is common because it is far from visible and protected from external factors. The machine can be easily installed there without interfering with any of the other components by car.

2-Inside the glove box: This site is also popular and is a good substitute for the site under the counter panel. Provides protection for the device and prevents it from being easily seen.

  1. 4-In the storage area under the seat: there are many hidden places under the seats where the vehicle tracker can be safely placed. This site provides protection for the device and keeps it clean.
    5-Inside the vent: some devices are specially designed for installation inside the vents
  2. Ventilation by car. This site provides protection for the device and makes it unremarkable.
  3. When choosing the vehicle tracker installation location, make sure it is well hidden and does not hinder driver vision or vehicle operation 
  4. It should also be ensured that the device works properly and the battery is always charged.
  5. If you are looking for safe and reliable car tracking services, please communicate through our website to learn more about our car tracking solutions.