GPS Car tracking system

Q-Co provides real-time vehicle tracking service anytime and from anywhere. The system has been developed to suit cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles, yachts, and mobile equipment.

GPS car tracking service in Kuwait
tracking software

The vehicle tracking
System from Q-Co

The GPS vehicle tracking system in Kuwait enables you to monitor vehicles 24/7 including following up on the battery status of the tracking device and tracking the movement of cars outside working hours and other data. All this data will be stored in your account for a full year in case you need to refer to it later. You will be able to access this data anytime and anywhere through the car tracking mobile application or the website, with the ability to link it to the company's internal systems and programs.

Can adjust the settings of car tracking system by yourself and easily

Easily Adjust your settings

you can adjust the settings of the car tracking system by yourself via an easy-to-use and clear portal without our intervention. This professional portal is available in trackers, unlike many other systems, which makes it the easiest and most comfortable system for you and your customers.

Easy use GPS traking system

Easy use and complete control

You can view the system's properties through a computer or via your mobile phone or tablet as the system is secured and developed to maintain the confidentiality of data and customer information related to vehicles and movements.

Live tracking of car vehicle tracking system

Live tracking 24/7

The car tracking system in Kuwait will enable you to track the vehicles along the way and identify restricted areas that drivers are not allowed to access or exit. In case of violation, an alert will be sent immediately to the system administrator on the mobile phone or by email.

You can print all your reports from GPS system

Reports with data storage

You can print all your reports that contain the monthly and annual data of drivers, such as the roads and areas in which they are located, their activities, and their driving speeds, to keep it with you all the time in case that applications or websites are not accessible.

By using the GPS vehicle tracking system you can identify the speed of the vehicles

Each vehicle speed

By using the GPS vehicle tracking system in Kuwait, you can identify the speed of the vehicles that you are tracking using the vehicle tracking application for the mobile or the vehicle tracking software for the computer, and you will also be able to identify the fuel consumption rate in addition to a set of data related to the car.

Why do you need to use
the Q-Co vehicle GPS tracking system

High Safety and Security Measures

Security and safety

GPS Car tracking service in Kuwait enables you to locate vehicles, monitor the cars accurately, get instant alerts that help secure and protect cars against theft, and know the data of entry and exit from a specific area. For example, the feature of stopping the car from anywhere at a push of a button, which protects the car against theft, as well as alerts for excessive speed and abnormal movement to ensure the safety of the drivers and vehicles. Therefore, Q-Co is considered one of the best companies that installs car tracking devices in Kuwait.

GPS Tracking Increases the Productivity and efficiency

Productivity and efficiency

You can make a specific order for the sensors that you want to be added to your system and integrate them with the application, such as fuel, temperature, and humidity trackers, in addition to special sensors that analyze driving so that you can get all the data about your employees, such as drivers’ commitment to work hours and system, places visited, and notifications about regular maintenance schedules.

Integrate the tracking system with the internal system

Integrate the tracking system with the internal system

Integrate the fleet of vehicles and equipment to the company's internal systems, monitoring the activity and movement of vehicles, and providing detailed and accurate reports that are useful in making the right decisions by the company’s management, due to the availability of relevant and complete information on this section in accordance with the company’s general system. We provide a unique system different from what other GPS installation companies provide in Kuwait.

The unique features of
the GPS car tracking system from Q-Co.

Easily control and GPS vehicles
Easily control and monitor vehicles and areas of presence.
The distress system sends the location  and calls
The distress system immediately sends the location of the vehicle to three pre-registered numbers and calls them.
Replay the route video on the map through GPS tracking system
The ability to replay the route video on the map through the Q-Co GPS car tracking system in Kuwait.
Adding multiple cars in GPS Tracking system
Adding multiple cars to your account and navigating easily between them.
Sending alert from the vehicle GPS device
Sending an alert if the vehicle is lifted on jacks from the vehicle GPS device.
GPS system supports Arabic language for easy use
The system supports the Arabic language for easy use.
Disable the automatic alarm by using best vehicle tracking device.
The ability to disable the automatic alarm while using the car by using the best vehicle tracking device.
GPS system is supported by the latest encryption
The system is supported by the latest encryption and security technologies.
Providing an application for Android or IOS
Providing an application for Android or IOS systems for follow-up via mobile, tablet, and website.
Sending instant alerts in case the car battery is disconnected
Sending instant alerts via mobile phone in case the car battery is disconnected or any of its power sources are cut off.

Do not hesitate to protect and monitor your vehicles, moment by moment, and request a quote and get
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