Servers and data security

The efficiency, stability of the service, and security of data and applications are based on modern servers with high capabilities hosted in stable places, in addition to the firewall system.

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System of providing vehicle
tracking service in Kuwait from Q-Co

In Q-Co, we focus on The systems and applications efficiency, for both car tracking system for computer and car tracking mobile application , by providing high-speed servers and modern technologies. We protect them with multiple levels of security through technical support and customer service , in addition to using the best GPS car tracking devices.

Data security and vehicle
tracking system servers protection

Our focus is on the speed of performance and stability of the servers, so we take into account the protection of the servers from sudden attacks and breaches by securing them with the latest security methods and technologies with regular backup service for all vehicle tracking customer accounts so that they can be referred to at any time. Our customers enjoy this security themselves during the free trial. we ensure to make Q-Co the best GPS car tracking device company.

efficiency and stability
Servers and response speed

Our aim is to maintain the uptime of all systems at 99.99% by choosing the appropriate server hosting locations to reduce response time. As well as constant development of servers, providing the latest GPS tracking device for cars and backup servers ready for immediate use. All this helps us achieve service stability and then customer satisfaction, thus growing our business and maintaining our customers' business.

Q-Co Auto Tracking Stabilizers

  • the best European car tracking device with the highest quality standard.
  • Servers with high-speed central processors for fast response without delay or stop.
  • Using a system developed by an ISO / IEC 27001-certified company in information security management.
  • Our technical engineer and support team are ready 24l7 to ensure service stability and secure servers.
  • Secure the use of programs and applications by enabling 2FA and strong password options.
  • Q-Co has licenses in Kuwait making it one of the most reliable car GPS companies.
  • Restoring automatic backup In case of any emergency, you can easily restore the latest backup.
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Do not hesitate to protect and monitor your vehicles, moment by moment, and request
a quote and get the best price of a car tracking device in Kuwait from Q-Co.