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GPS car tracking mobile application enables you to track your vehicles from anywhere at any time as
it enables owners and fleet managers to manage their vehicles.

car tracking software for mobile in Kuwait
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Smart phones compatibility

Simple and easy to use, it was created for different operating systems to enable vehicle owners to follow up on cars, monitor vehicles for all operations, and display vehicle information on maps, which helps vehicle owners and fleet managers to be effective with vehicle drivers, as it is integrated with the company's internal systems.

your vehicles in your hand

The car tracking software for mobile in Kuwait provides you with all the data from thousands of vehicles with the ability to see all details from a super-fast mobile App that allows you to quickly search and navigate the map regardless of the number of vehicles. All this from applications compatible with IOS and Android as in the car tracking program for the computer.

Alerts and data sharing

The iOS and Android applications help car owners and fleet managers to monitor vehicles in real time, at any time and from anywhere, whether inside or outside the time and place of work, through the best car tracking device.

Supported operating systems

Q-Co provides tracking mobile application compatible with mobile operating systems, Android and iOS

GPS car tracking from IOS mobile

The users of iOS devices, whether iPhone or iPad, is increasing rapidly, so we provide a secure application from vulnerabilities and an attractive interface. We also focus on the distinctive application interface and its compatibility with all iPhone and iPad screen sizes.

GPS car tracking from Android application

Android mobiles are the most widespread nowadays, and with the multiplicity of manufacturers of android mobiles, the system is compatible with all sizes and types.So we provided an interactive and dynamic Android application.

Car tracking mobile application
car tracker

Car tracking mobile application features

  • data is constantly updated for all accounts using the GPS Vehicle tracking device
  • You can always be aware of all the important data of all vehicles with protected and secured backups on the latest servers.
  • Instantly receive notifications and everything you need to make quick decisions from GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • By Using the car tracking device, you will have the ability to quickly search and navigate the map to reach what you are looking for accurately.
  • The ability to share the location and creating safe and direct links to vehicles with determining their validity through the vehicle tracking device and live training from Q-Co.

Do not hesitate to protect and monitor your vehicles, moment by moment, and request
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