Contracting terms and requirements
for GPS car tracking service in Kuwait

There are a number of legal terms and conditions specific to Q-Co In order to provide GPS vehicle tracking service.

Contracting GPS car tracking service in Kuwait
car tracking agreement

What are the legal conditions
for contracting the car tracking service?

The Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority CITRA has approved some important conditions in order to provide vehicle tracking services to companies, and we Commit to these conditions and apply them to the fullest.

legal terms of the contract.

  1. The vehicle must be registered to the company to install the vehicle tracking device.
  2. Vehicles must be owned by a Kuwaiti company in order to install a GPS device for cars.
  3. In order to provide the car tracking service, the license must be registered in the name of the company.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to contract car tracking devices or a car tracking system with individuals who own private cars.

Requirements that are
provided when contracting

  • The trade license of the contracting company.
  • Copies of the license in which the company's name is registered.
  • Kuwait ID of the authorized signatory.
  • The authorized company’s signature.
EGPS tracking from Q-Co

Q-Co Auto Tracking Stabilizers

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  • Servers with high-speed central processors for fast response without delay or stop.
  • Using a system developed by an ISO / IEC 27001-certified company in information security management.
  • Our technical engineer and support team are ready 24l7 to ensure service stability and secure servers.
  • Secure the use of programs and applications by enabling 2FA and strong password options.
  • Q-Co has licenses in Kuwait making it one of the most reliable car GPS companies.
  • Restoring automatic backup In case of any emergency, you can easily restore the latest backup.

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